Virtual Travel Agent

The planet is moving online for everything in purchasing groceries, clothes, electronic equipment, to reserving a movie ticket plus a travel package. As more folks(more…)

Ticket Agent

As the title itself indicates a ticket agent will be included with promoting tickets for both airline and airline companies, steamship line and railroad services.(more…)

Talent Agent

Talent agents operate for sport, creative (picture, script writing, etc.), and even performing artistes. They assist in using their customers with firms that are prepared(more…)

Sourcing Agent

Sourcing agents have great understanding about the access to services and products. They use it in assisting businesses find suppliers and receive the very best(more…)

Security Agent

Security agents have been hired by both private and public organizations to safeguard the construction, stop violence and theft, and patrol the premises to guarantee(more…)

Revenue Agent

Revenue agent is a significant place within the specialty of income tax processes. Revenue agent is designed to run separate field audits and plays critical(more…)

Reservation Sales Agent

Reservation sales agents play an essential part when you intend to organize rental vehicles, airport or resort rooms to your forthcoming excursions. These agents typically(more…)

Ramp Agent

The occupation of a ramp agent requires good endurance and physical strength due to the heavy work demanded. In any case, the significant physical work(more…)

Recovery Agent

Identifying and finding defaulters and concealed properties requires abilities, upkeep, and coaching because the task is very dangerous and challenging. Recovery agents consider the threat(more…)